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Traffic Management

Road Safety Management is a complex system combining infrastructure, traffic regulations and adequate enforcement.

Worldwide, governments and regulatory authorities face the challenge of ensuring a well-managed balance of these factors, and a roadworthy and environment-friendly vehicle population is the outcome of a good traffic management system. Regulated vehicle registrations and licensing systems for the private, public or commercial use of vehicles ensure the fitness of all motorized road participants.

SGS Traffic Systems provide independent testing and verification services for road safety enforcement technology. SGS recognizes the importance of verifying the accuracy and reliability of enforcement technology to traceable national standards as a basis for improving consumer confidence in the enforcement program in place. Speed Camera vehicle sensors are among the most critical components in road safety enforcement technology. SGS conducts sensor evaluations to ensure the sensors are operating within the manufacturer-specified operational parameters.

To find out more about how we can help you ensure the accuracy and reliability of your traffic, contact us today.

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