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Rare Earths

Demonstrate the quality and quantity of rare earth elements (REE) through verified data.

Safety and accuracy are vital when assessing the quality and quantity of trace and ultra-trace elements such as the rare earths elements (REE) uranium and thorium. Variability and subjectivity need to be removed to ensure consistency and provide trusted, verified results.

Industrials Materials

Trusted data for REE

We provide the full range of technical services to support businesses involved in the exploration, processing and supply of REE. Our independent reporting delivers clear and trusted data, using protocols that have been approved against the highest international standards.

Partnering with us lets you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Optimize operation efficiencies
  • Enhance product quality
  • Minimize commercial risks

We help you move your project forward with world-class experience, innovative technologies and globally recognized expertise.

Why choose REE services from SGS?

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality when trading REE. Wherever you operate in the world, our experts are ready to support you with flexible and innovative solutions that help you optimize commercial outcomes.

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