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Process Development

Process flowsheet development for the extraction and recovery of minerals, using mineral processing, hydrometallurgy or pyrometallurgy.

To develop successful, sustainable projects - from concept, testing and design, through to implementation and operation - you need world-leading process engineering expertise. We provide, process flowsheet development for the extraction and recovery of minerals from your resource, using mineral processing, hydrometallurgy or pyrometallurgy solutions.

Why choose process development from SGS?

We enable you to:

  • Get process flowsheets for all mineral resources, applying state-of-the-art technology
  • Access project-specific process technology solutions
  • Reduce technical and commercial risk

Why SGS?

We are the global leader in testing, certification, consulting and on-site services for the mining and manufacturing sector. We offer unrivaled expertise in process development solutions for the resources industry.

Our differentiated, project-specific process technology solutions provide the best technology and process flowsheets for your budget, while limiting technical and commercial risk.

We offer you decades of experience, establishing processing facilities for a wide range of mineral types worldwide, as well as a global network of alliances with technology providers.

Get in touch today to dive deeper into our full range of process development solutions.

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