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Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Noise and vibration monitoring helps protect employees’ hearing and health.

Noise-induced hearing loss is recognized as a priority work-related disease for employees. Workers’ hearing must be protected, coming under local and international regulations. Exposure to vibration is usually associated with exposure to noise, and the physics of vibration and noise are similar.

SGS Noise and Vibration Monitoring

SGS has over 30 years of experience advising in this specialist area. We are fully equipped with the latest testing and measuring instrumentation to monitoring both vibrations and noise at your facilities. Our experts can help you protect your workers and comply with relevant regulations.

Our capabilities include:

  • Evaluation and control of health, safety and welfare hazards
  • Cartography of noise levels
  • Identification, development and promotion of reasonable, practical controls for noise, body and hand-arm vibration exposure
  • Holding several communication events to increase awareness

Why choose SGS?

We offer complimentary services, such as:

  • Noise and vibration awareness training
  • Health and safety assessments
  • Indoor air quality studies

To learn more about SGS noise and vibration monitoring, contact your local office.

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