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Homologation Services

Helping you through the type approval process, from product evaluation and development to the selection and completion of the appropriate tests.

Vehicles must meet minimum regulatory, technical and safety standards before they can be sold. This is known as Type Approval and requirements vary around the world. There are different Type Approvals for different types of vehicle, from motor cars to trailers, motorcycles and tractors.

Homologation Services From SGS

At SGS, we assist vehicle manufacturers throughout the type approval process with a range of homologation services relating to regulatory approval. These services span the lifetime of the vehicle, and include:

  • Evaluation of the technical and legal requirements for your product in the target markets
  • Selection of the necessary type approval tests
  • Preparation of the test plans in your project
  • Support regarding legal interpretations together with approval authorities
  • Support on preparation of the required information documents
  • Design reviews over the complete engineering process from first concept until design freeze before start of production with regard to compliance to applicable legislation

Our homologation services are particularly valuable for start-ups and projects that involve new technologies, where our experience and expertise can save manufacturers time and money by reducing the risk of product failures.

Why choose homologation services from SGS?

SGS is the world’s leading testing and verification company. We offer a suite of homologation services to help manufacturers worldwide produce and bring vehicles to market that are safe and compliant with legal requirements.

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