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Electrified Propulsion Testing

Testing every aspect of electrified propulsion for electric and hybrid cars including whole vehicle, system level and component level tests.

Manufacturers and retailers of electric and hybrid vehicles need to be sure that the propulsion systems used are able to cope with the everyday demands of motorists around the world. From testing a battery’s range to its ability to withstands extremes of hot and cold, SGS’s ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories are equipped with the latest technology to test whole vehicles, electrical systems and component parts.

We operate advanced chassis dynamometers with all-wheel and two-wheel drive capabilities that simulate driving conditions for custom driving patterns or standard road cycles. We also test vehicles and components against a multitude of simulated environments including road, temperature and altitude to ensure safety and durability throughout their lifespan.

Vehicle Testing Capabilities

Our testing centers offer options for drivability with the choice of certified technical drivers or automated robot drivers. Such precision is crucial to vehicle and battery manufacturers seeking accurate range and state-of-charge measurements in the development of electric or hybrid cars.

Additionally, we offer the following related vehicle and component testing services:

  • Custom or standard cycles can be executed as a single test (state test) or continuously repeated (range test) in any combination
  • Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) testing services
  • Vehicle procurement

Component Testing Capabilities

  • Cold soak and environmental testing of assemblies and components
  • Evaporative emissions measurement
  • Vibration and in-use simulation
  • Extreme temperature ambient conditioning and cycling
  • Servo-hydraulic testing
  • Exhaust testing
  • Electro-dynamic shaker testing
  • Durability, fatigue and ultimate strength testing
  • Product development
  • Impact, static torsion and bending

Test Specifications

  • SAE J1634, SAE J1711 and SAEJ2951 test procedures
  • ISO, TC 22Sc 21 and WG 2 test standard PHEV

Facilities & Equipment

  • AWD/RWD/FWD Chassis dynamometer and suspension
  • Motorcycle/ATV/side-by-side chassis dynamometer
  • PHEV charge stations
  • Multi-range SOC analyzer
  • Altitude simulation
  • Vehicle environmental testing from -20ºF to 110ºF, sea level to high altitude
  • Cold soak room and staging area
  • CAN data recording
  • Evaporative emissions testing SHEDs
  • Dedicated office space for local and visiting staff
  • Mechanic shop with private wash bay and vehicle lifts
  • Systems for driveline, motors, gear boxes, couplings, BIW, structure, electrical and battery

Testing Procedures

  • Vehicle types supported include PHEV, EV, ZEV, PEV and BEV
  • Range, SOC plotting and SOC measurement
  • Range depletion mode
  • Battery heat and cooling control
  • Vehicle thermal management
  • Depletion cycle at steady-state speed
  • Vehicle hot and cold charge depleting mode
  • Standard cycles including UDDS, HWY, US06, FTP and WLTP
  • Custom cycles can be set up for any configuration
  • Vehicle auxiliary testing AC on/off and BTM
  • Charge recovery
  • Power, speed and torque testing
  • Continuous test run time up to 10 hours

Why choose SGS for your electrified propulsion tests?

SGS is the world’s leading testing, inspection and verification company, with laboratories, testers and industry experts located throughout the world. We are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and offer full testing services for electrified propulsion vehicles including electric and hybrid cars, to all major vehicle and international standards.

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