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Digestion and Fusion

Digestion and fusion are key steps in geochemical sample preparation. Digestion dissolves the sample into a liquid phase, which is required for most instruments.

The digestion technique used depends on the end use of the data. Fusion involves the total digestion of the sample in molten flux, then casting the melts into discs. The type of flux used depends on the type of sample, the element(s) of interest being analyzed and the instrument being used for analysis.

SGS works with you to evaluate your requirements and helps you to select the digestion or fusion most appropriate for your samples:

  • Two-Acid Digest / Aqua Regia Digest
  • Multi-Acid (4-Acid) Digest
  • Fusion

When you need to be sure of procedures, protocols and laboratory practice, trust SGS’s global network of expertise and experience.

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