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CARB Certification Services

SGS California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification, training and technical services prepare your organization for compliance and smooth your route into the US market.

The focus of our CARB certification service concerns Airborne Toxic Control Measures (ATCM), and formaldehyde in particular. We can also provide you with technical assistance and training on compliance to help reduce risk, while protecting your brand as well as the public.

Why choose SGS for help with CARB?

SGS is an approved CARB third-party certifier (TPC) and has world-class expertise in the regulatory landscape, as well as accredited testing laboratories. In addition, we’re dedicated to sharing our CARB knowledge through our training and advisory services.

As a trusted partner for panel manufacturers, fabricators of finished goods, distributors, importers and retailers, we help organizations avoid the cost and inconvenience of CARB non-compliance. If you’re releasing a composite wood product onto the US market, trust SGS.

SGS CARB (ATCM) Certification

The ATCM regulation covers airborne pollution sources such as vehicle emissions, petrol stations and automotive maintenance workshops, medical and residential waste incinerators, and dry cleaning operations.

ATCM also aims to reduce formaldehyde emissions in composite wood products. These include hardwood plywood (HWPW), particleboards (PB) and medium density fiberboards (MDF), as well as furniture and other finished products made with these materials.

The regulation impacts the whole supply chain, and our CARB certification services help to achieve compliance through product testing, factory inspections and factory quality control certification. A comprehensive certification program may include:

  • Consultancy on how the ATCM regulations apply to your products 
  • Testing of materials and products – for example, formaldehyde levels in composite wood panels using CARB accredited testing methodology:
    • Primary test method: ASTM E1333
    • Secondary test method: ASTM D6007
    • In-house quality control test methods: ASTM D5582 and others
    • Correlation testing between factory/in-house laboratory and SGS test lab
  • Factory inspection services
  • Factory Quality Control certification for your staff

SGS CARB Technical Assistance

Ensuring that levels of formaldehyde emissions from combined wood products meet expectations can be a daunting task. Wherever you are within the composite wood supply chain, SGS CARB technical assistance services aim to help you achieve CARB ATCM Certification through:

  1. Gap assessment
  2. In-house lab set up
  3. Quality Control System set up

Our expert consultants can also advise on correct labeling procedures and on how to create an appropriate record-keeping system.

SGS CARB Training

Our CARB training programs equip organizations with the skills to demonstrate acceptable formaldehyde emission levels in their composite wood products. We’ll shape the training to meet your specific requirements, in terms of both the content and length of the program. For example, we’ve developed CARB ATCM compliance training programs that:

  • Provide a customized introduction to CARB certification 
  • Advise on how CARB regulations apply to a specific business
  • Ensure that CARB quality control measures meet regulatory standards

In addition to providing on-site or off-site training, we can deliver programs remotely via webinar.

For more information, contact a SGS CARB expert now.

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