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Authorized Gas Installer Professional Certificate

Why choose authorized gas installer training from SGS?

On successful completion of our training course you will:

  • Be familiar with applicable regulations and how to apply them
  • Be ready to take the Department of Industry’s official examination to qualify for a gas installer’s card (Category A, B C)
  • Have sufficient theoretical knowledge to enable you to make an installation
  • Understand the purpose and scope of Technical Instruction (ITC) 09

Trusted approved gas installer training from Spain’s leading training provider

Our courses are delivered by tutors who are gas installation experts and experienced trainers. Your knowledge and skills will be developed through an interactive and practical approach to learning.

Contact us today to find out more about our gas installer professional certificate training.

Working with gas is potentially dangerous. To protect installers, customers and the general public the Department of Industry requires plumbers to undertake relevant training and prove their knowledge through examination.

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