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Aircraft Asset Management

SGS will help you to ensure a smooth transition, in compliance with regulations, while saving time and minimizing costs. Through our aircraft asset management services, we provide technical consulting and advice in the areas of asset management and safety regulations.

Comprehensive Support Throughout the Entire Lifecycle of your Aviation Asset

We cover the entire lifecycle of your asset and will ensure that you comply with all associated regulations. We will assist with contract management and asset appraisal. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Technical records audits: ensure that records comply with the terms and conditions set by the lease agreement and by regulatory authorities
  • Aircraft end of lease technical assistance: ensure that the physical condition of the main airframe units and its components, systems and cabin interior meets the required standards
  • Performance assistance services: demonstrate that the operation of the aircraft and all its systems are satisfactory and comply with lease terms and conditions
  • Certification assistance services: ensure that the requirements of the local regulatory authority and the next lessee are met during cross-border transfer
  • Contract management: obtain advice and insight when drafting contracts and engaging in negotiations
  • Aircraft asset appraisal and value optimization: determine the adjusted market value of your assets
  • Airworthiness services: focal point AMOS/TRAX/FLYDOCS layout, engineering support and technical records support

Why choose SGS?

We are the world’s largest inspection, verification, testing and certification company, with extensive experience advising on the transition of property in the transportation industry. We offer a worldwide network, teams of experienced aerospace experts, dedicated support and full comprehensive program management.

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Aircraft transitions are complicated processes that can be expensive and time-consuming. Non-compliance with lease agreement terms can result in penalties and delays. Misjudging the asset valuation can be extremely costly.

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