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Privacy Management: The Case for a Global Approach Leveraging ISO/IEC 27701

Privacy regulations and legislation are ever evolving. Learn how to best manage these changing requirements.

For the last few years, on a constant, seemingly daily basis, new privacy legislative measures and regulations are being enacted and enforced. Companies of all sizes have the daunting task to complying with many of these requirements or face huge fines.

The only proven way to address current and future regulations is with a robust management system that ensures compliance and yet is agile enough to keep pace with the ever-evolving regulatory and legislative landscape.

The International Organization for Standardization recognized the protection of privacy is a global concern and in 2019 published ISO/IEC 27701, the international standard for a Privacy Information Management System. This standard is based on, and is an extension of ISO/IEC 27001, the well-known and widely accepted management system standard for Information Security.

During this webinar, our speakers, Alex Li from Microsoft and Willy Fabritius of SGS, will provide an overview of what ISO/IEC 27701 is and how organizations benefit from certification to the standard. In addition, we will include a brief overview of Microsoft’s open source Data Protection/Privacy Mapping Project.

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