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Wires and Cables

Fire safety testing for power, control and communication tables, cable trays, penetration seals and foams assure the safety of your products.

In today’s world, wires and cables are ubiquitous. They are at the heart of homes, businesses, appliances, communications and transport. Fire and flammability testing ensures that your products are safe to use in all their intended applications.

Wire and cable fire safety testing services from SGS

Through our global network of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited fire safety testing laboratories we offer a wide range of wire and cable testing services including, but not limited to:

  • IEEE 383
  • IEEE 1202
  • UL-1685 Section 4
  • UL-1685 Section 12
  • UL-1581 VW1

Why choose our wire and cable fire and flammability testing services?

Products are tested in accordance with national and international standards, but we also have the expertise and capability to customize test methods and procedures to your product, markets and bespoke requirements.

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