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SGS SMART Cares and SGS SMART Source

Transform supply chain management with SGS’s enhanced digital tools to improve traceability, product quality and chemical control.

Quality has always been an important factor for footwear and leather goods manufacturers and retailers. However, concerns over sustainability mean traceability and chemical usage and management are now also key industry drivers.

Unleash the power of digital solutions

Experience unparalleled supply chain excellence with SGS SMART, SGS SMART Cares and SGS SMART Source. Enhance your knowledge sharing and improve chemical management with an innovative digital platform that lets you track products through the supply chain and allows you to analyze chemical, wastewater and product quality data in real-time.

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Customizable online tool that optimizes knowledge sharing in your supply chain.

Core modules:

  • Supply chain toolkit – an interactive hub with global footwear quality, leather quality and chemical management handbooks
  • Recall case analysis – visualize recall risks relating to quality and restricted substance parameters to enable informed decisions
  • Chinese product standard selection tool – seamlessly navigate and select relevant Chinese product standards
  • Industry highlights – stay ahead of market changes with real-time updates on global regulations and industry trends


Access the future of chemical management with this effective digital solution: 

  • ZDHC Gateway integration – generate your ZDHC performance InCheck report
  • Cloud-based data processing – utilize advanced analytics for sustainable chemical and wastewater management
  • Real-time collaboration – foster seamless communication and cooperation between brands and suppliers


Digitalized solution for achieving complete end to end traceability in your supply chain:

  • Map your supply chain
  • Analyze compliance and performance in all operators
  • Track the flow of materials from source to end product
  • Improve collaboration and information sharing
  • Manage and analyze transaction records


  • Innovative cloud-based system – analyze chemical, wastewater and product quality data globally, 24/7, for data-driven decisions
  • Powerful analytics – benchmark and elevate supply chain performance, unlocking unique insights to drive continuous improvements
  • Simplified data exchange – streamline sharing within your supply chain, enhancing efficiency and collaboration

  • Customizable – all operators in you supply chain can tailor the system to meet their needs
  • Access global expertise – unlock SGS's network of industry experts for training, assessment, analysis and improvements
Why choose SGS?
We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the global footwear and leather industries. Wherever you operate in the world, our innovative cloud-based solutions will ensure your supply chain operates optimally, reducing risks while maximizing outcomes.

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