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SGS Food Contact Product Certification Mark

Demonstrate a product’s quality, safety and integrity with the SGS Food Contact Product Certification Mark.

Whether it’s a bowl for soup, a cup for coffee, the packaging around bread or the utensils to make bread, if a material comes into contact with ingredients, a food or beverage, it must be safe and perform effectively. Food contact materials (FCM) must not alter the food or drink they are in contact with or endanger human health by releasing chemical substances.

With multiple drivers impacting the FCM sector, you need an effective, independent way to show consumers and buyers that your products go beyond basic compliance to compete successfully in global markets.

SGS Food Contact Product Certification Mark FCP

What is SGS Food Contact Product Certification?

We provide comprehensive testing and certification services for the full range of FCM product categories, including:

  • Preparation wear – bibs, napkins, etc.
  • Preparation utensils – bake- or cookware, etc.
  • Serving utensils – drink- and tableware
  • Serving implements – cutlery or chopsticks, etc.
  • Food containers – lunchboxes or foils, etc.
  • Small (electrical) kitchen appliances – toasters, blenders, etc. (‘food safe’ claims only)

Our state-of-the-art testing solutions cover many common FCM, including materials and products made from:

  • Plastic, rubber and silicone
  • Metals and alloys
  • Vitreous (glass, ceramic, enamel)
  • Paper and paperboard

Depending on your needs, testing is undertaken to demonstrate your product meets either ‘Food Safe’ or ‘Food Safe’ and ‘Performance’ standards. To ensure a high level of food safety, all food contact products must comply with the relevant laws to justify the claim of ‘Food Safe’ while the performance will evaluate mechanical safety and fitness-for-use aspects to support the claim ‘Performance.’ Using our vast experience of critical parameters and target market requirements to define the testing scope, you can be assured certification shows compliance with all relevant factors required to succeed in competitive, regulated markets like USA/Canada, EU/EEA, Great Britain, Switzerland, China and Mercosur (State parties).

Whether you choose ‘Food Safe’ or ‘Food Safe’ and ‘Performance’, the SGS FCM Certification Mark lets you demonstrate your product’s quality, safety and integrity.

What does the SGS Food Contact Product Certification Mark include?

Every mark includes:

  • Evidence of independent certification by a trusted service provider
  • Information on the criteria against which the product was assessed (safety/performance)
  • QR code linked to the ProCert client database

The certification mark will show the scope in English and in an optional additional language (Chinese, French, Spanish or Portuguese).

What are the benefits?

  • Simplifies market access
  • Demonstrates added value in your product
  • Builds confidence in your brand
  • Improves traceability and increases consumer’s trust

Why choose the SGS Food Contact Product Certification Mark?

We are a trusted, independent third-party testing, inspection and certification service provider. With an unrivaled network of experts and state-of-the-art laboratories, we help you operate more effectively in global markets. Our capabilities support you in delivering FCM products that enable competitive advantage and demonstrate your commitment to safety and performance.

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