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Demonstration Trials

Early stage to marketing field trials from SGS – develop new actives or combinations of actives before registration and demonstrate and validate performance.

In early stage development the performance of new active ingredients or combinations of active substances in standard formulations is investigated to establish a robust set of data for the definition of the label conditions for Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). The experience and in-depth understanding of the field operation is key during this early phase of product research.

Unless these trials are not part of a regulatory package, good experimental practice and thorough documentation and communication with the sponsor are required to select the right candidate for further development. Once a product is ready for launch to the market, the comparative assessment with competitor products is vital for introduction to farmers and further stakeholders.

Our field trials offer you accredited operations, standardized operating procedures, a proven field trial document system, compliance stewardship program, trained and experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment to prevent bias in the service performed. We also provide demonstration trials and the organization of demo-days to allow farmers to assess the advantage of technology and new products.

A Wide Range of Early Stage to Marketing Field Trial Services

Benefit from one single contract offering a range of truly international services, including:

  • Market/sales support trials
  • Product comparison trials
  • Sequence comparison
  • Timing comparison
  • Variety demonstration
  • Seed rate demonstration
  • Variety pest interaction
  • Irrigated, enhanced conditions
  • Field demonstration trials
  • Field open days

Trusted Early Stage to Marketing Field Trials from a World Leading Provider

We offer many years of experience in the planning and coordination of field trials related to agronomical equivalence and nutritional equivalence testing, environmental impact and non-target insect analysis in multiple locations and climates. Our facilities comply with the relevant industry-specific quality management systems for conducting regulatory biosafety studies for local, international and global submissions.

To discuss your early stage to marketing field trial requirements, please contact us today.

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