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Crude Oil Assay

Ensure that your crude oil is compatible with the target refinery process.

SGS crude oil assay evaluation enables you to market your oil more effectively, as well as making it easier to identify potential value chain partners.

Getting the right crude oil to the right refinery is essential to prevent yield, quality and production problems. As the industry takes a broader range of crude oils into production, we provide the analytical data that you need to make the most of any new opportunities.

Our crude oil analysis helps ensure that your crude oil is compatible with the target refinery process. Analysis will also confirm that the end product can be delivered on time, at the quality expected and without any interruption to supply.

Why choose crude oil assay services from SGS?

Our flexible assay solutions help you to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to supplying crude oil data that meets the exacting standards required for processing
  • Gain a complete characterization of your crude oil to facilitate the refinery team
  • Enable business planners to maximize profits

Why SGS?

We are the established leading provider of sampling, measurement, analysis and certification services to the bulk liquids industry. Our unique mix of local knowledge and global intelligence is unmatched across the industry, helping to improve efficiency, reduce risk and deliver competitive advantage.

Using a variety of both standard and innovative procedures, our crude oil assay testing laboratories provide the physical, chemical, and molecular characterizations of crude oil. Information is generated from yields across the boiling-range and on each requested fraction within the range, using a variety of physical testing procedures.

We measure API gravity, sulfur content, nitrogen content, viscosity, vapor pressure, cold properties, acid number (TAN), wax, asphaltenes, and metals content as part of the normal analysis of the crude oil’s general properties.

We also analyze the crude oil off-gas and provide full hydrocarbon analysis, including key health and safety data, such as hydrogen sulfide content and any mercury species present.

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