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Comfort & Performance Wear

Deliver high-performing, comfortable and functional clothing to global markets with trusted testing and technical support solutions from SGS.

Consumer lifestyles are changing. Functional wear, such as yoga pants and sportswear, is now a central part of many people’s lives, both for exercising and relaxing. Comfort, performance and value for money are key considerations for consumers when making purchasing decisions around functional wear.

To succeed in competitive markets, brands must ensure all functional claims meet market expectations.

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Why choose functional and performance wear testing solutions from SGS?

Substantiate your product claims with our comprehensive testing services for fabrics, fabric systems and finished garments. Demonstrate the superior quality of your products in competitive markets with trusted certification solutions for all forms of active, leisure and outdoor wear.

Our service capabilities include:

  • Easy care – ensure garments are hassle-free to maintain
  • Wear comfort – ensure garments are comfortable and move effortlessly
  • Protection – ensure protection against the elements, UV radiation and/or other hazards
  • Healthcare – meet stringent healthcare standards (antimicrobial properties, moisture management, thermoregulation, etc.)
  • E-function – enhance performance and the user experience with our expertise in electronic functionalities

Wherever you operate in the world, our state-of-the-art laboratories and industry-leading experts are ready to help you validate claims, substantiate performance and build consumer trust in your products.

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SGS Comfort and Athleisure Wear Services

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