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Animal Welfare in Slaughter Plants

The training shows you how to implement methodologies for the reception of cattle and for managing cattle pens. You will also learn about animal welfare in terms of access to slaughter room(s), insensibility and bleeding. By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge you need to create an animal management system that monitors welfare – and the associated effects upon meat quality – according to international principles.

Course outline:

  • Animal welfare stages
  • Animal discharge
  • Holding pens and drinking water
  • Movements within the slaughter plant
  • Animal management – external factors
  • Characteristics of slaughter room access
  • Insensibility
  • Infrastructure
  • Internal audits
  • Personnel training
  • Relationship of animal welfare to meat quality (e.g. bruising, pH levels)
  • Practical exercises
  • Market demands

Training approach

The course adopts a theoretical - practical approach. This comprises brief explanations about each topic, followed by development workshops that give you the tools you need to apply your learning in the workplace.

As with the other SGS training programs aimed at the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors, the focus is on minimizing risk – saving time and money in the process.

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