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Independent, integrated solutions – from exploration, appraisal, field development and facility design to hydrocarbon production, underground gas storage and carbon capture.

From exploration, appraisal, field development and facility design to hydrocarbon production, underground gas storage, and carbon capture and storage projects, we offer tailor-made independent advice and integrated solutions focused on creating value.

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With an ever-increasing global demand for energy, effective field development and optimization of hydrocarbon recovery or the safe storage of gas, including through carbon capture and storage, is critical. Plus, the global demand for reduced greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonization requires fit-for-purpose project evaluation and the application of production optimization.

To ensure effective evaluation, development and management of oil and gas fields, and maximum return on investment, we provide essential subsurface consultancy, including reservoir modelling, simulation and production optimization.

Why choose subsurface consultancy from SGS?

We help you to:

  • Gain support for your reservoir and field development, production optimization and gas storage studies from start to end
  • Navigate the energy transition
  • Use innovative workflows and tools, including data analytics and machine learning
  • Optimize your operations, reduce your costs and achieve maximum returns

Our services and expertise cover the following key areas:

We coordinate sampling, laboratory analysis and interpretation studies in relation to:

  • Reservoir souring
  • Independent production chemicals evaluation
  • Flow assurance
  • Microbial risk assessment

A Qualified, Experienced Partner with a Proven Track Record

We perform integrated reservoir and field studies across the globe in just about every geological setting. This includes integrated EOR feasibility studies and a range of underground gas storage studies, including involvement in several CCUS projects.

We offer you a strong reputation and an excellent track record, supported by:

  • Know-how spanning the entire spectrum of upstream disciplines, including data analytics, geophysics, reservoir geology, petrophysics, reservoir and petroleum engineering, production technology and well and facility engineering – enabling full integration of disciplines
  • A global network of offices and laboratories, offering a variety of supporting services and a large source of specialist knowledge
  • An outstanding team of highly skilled multilingual technical experts and advisors, augmented by our network of associate experts, enabling us to cover a wide range of expertise areas

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