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Marine Services

More than 80% of global trade is transported by sea. SGS marine services help your business comply with shipping regulations.

As the maritime industry becomes increasingly regulated, it is vital your business ensures its ships and cargo are compliant with relevant regulations and are safe for stakeholders and the environment.

SGS Marine Services

Operating in most major ports around the world, we offer a comprehensive range of sample collection services, laboratory analysis and consultancy services to the maritime sector. Our services include:

  • Ballast water sampling and testing to D-2 Standard (including testing for bilge water, gray water and black water)
  • Scrubber washwater sampling and testing to IMO MEPC.259(68)
  • Potable water sampling and testing to WHO guidelines for ship sanitation
  • Air emission testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Assistance with the interpretation of regulatory requirements
  • Sampling equipment, including sample bottles, coolers and custody documentation
  • On-site sampling
  • Sample transport to laboratories
  • Analysis of compliance samples
  • Reporting and data management
  • Onboard stack emission testing
  • Inspection and testing for indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Noise and vibration measurements
  • Asbestos monitoring, testing and sampling
  • Testing of solid bulk cargo residues according MARPOL V requirements
  • Hygiene services and food safety
  • Fuel quantity and quality services
  • Lubricant condition monitoring

We also offer sampling and testing for exhaust gas cleaning systems, including:

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) audit, validation and calibration
  • Data management and data interpretation
  • Measuring NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, Oxygen, NH3, dust and flow, according to IMO revised Annex VI, CARB, US EPA and EN Methods
  • On-board testing, monitoring and reporting of particulate loading, particle size distribution, and chemical analysis of particulate at the EGCS gas inlet and outlet
  • On-board EGCS sound level testing, monitoring and reporting
  • On-board analysis of water samples
  • On-shore analysis of water and fuel oil samples

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Why choose SGS?

With over 140 years’ experience working with the maritime industry, and personnel in most major ports around the globe, SGS is the first choice for companies looking to comply with:

  • US EPA Vessel General Permit 2013 and the Maritime Labor Convention 2006
  • Sulfur emissions regulations
  • D2 Standard of the IMO Ballast Water Convention 2004
  • Marpol Annex VI regulation’s environmental requirements

Our experts will work with you to develop strategies that ensure sampling and testing of as many required parameters as necessary in one sampling intervention. Our solutions are effective, cost-efficient, and will help you protect your stakeholders, the environment and your business.

To learn more about maritime services, contact your local SGS office.

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