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Focusing on technical barriers to trade and international Product Conformity Assessment (PCA) schemes, SGS experts provide insights into the international developments and new regulations affecting global export markets.
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Food Variety of Healthy Food

Exporting Food to Qatar?

Qatar’s Ministry of Health approves full product conformity assessment services for foods destined for the country, including details of regulated product categories.
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Morocco PCA23Q4 Cargo Containers for Overseas Shipping in Shipyard

Demystifying Moroccan Customs Codes with SEMAC-approved PCA services

Introducing SGS’s SEMAC-accredited PCA services and explaining HS codes for Morocco.
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Irrigation Sprinkler Watering Crops

Clearing the Channels: Ethiopian PCA for Pumps and Pump Accessories

How SGS’s comprehensive conformity assessment services can help ensure the smooth flow of your Ethiopian imports/exports of pumps and pump accessories.
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Woman Buying a TV in Store

Product Certification: Added Product Cost or Added Product Value?

Uncovering the reasons why product certification is key to successful trading.
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Logistics and Transportation of Container Cargo Ship

The Vital Role of PVoC Services in Zanzibar’s Developing Digital Economy

Detailing SGS’s innovative PCA services, approved by The Zanzibar Bureau of Standards.
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ACI for africa

ACI for Africa: Simplifying Trade

An introduction to SGS’s ACI services for exporters and importers to Africa.
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PCA CAR Q3 2023

Driving Consumer Protection and Trade Facilitation in the Central African Republic

News of SGS's partnership with the CAR government, and the delivery of enhanced digital PVoC services.
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PCA EAC Q32023

How SGS Helps Make Your Products EAC-Ready

Introducing SGS’s EAC-Ready product certification scheme, offering efficient and tailored services for product suppliers entering East African markets.
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PCA Egypt Q32023

SGS Helps Raise the Game for Egyptian Trade Compliance

SGS has been selected by Egypt’s GOEIC/NFSA as a comprehensive training and certification partner for export/import and food safety standards EG71 and EG72.
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PCA Kenya Q32023

Speedy Access to Kenyan Markets With a Draft Certificate of Conformity

Detailing SGS eTrade draft CoCs – helping businesses meet KEBS standards quickly and easily.
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