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Business Assurance

Achieve continual business improvement in an ever-changing world

Stay ahead of complex regulatory obligations, standards and best practices with the world’s most comprehensive range of assessment, auditing, certification and business enhancement solutions, powered by the latest technology and digital tools.

Our global network of specialists and auditors provides the knowledge and expertise to help you comply with local and international standards, and ensure your people have the skills, training and professional development to support your organization to thrive. Our innovative solutions enable you to manage risks, improve results, ensure compliance and deliver operational efficiency, cost savings and sustainability while increasing your value to society.

Discover our Business Assurance solutions

Benefit from our in-depth expertise and global reach with solutions that include:

  • Assessment, Auditing and Certification

    Navigate compliance with ease, from initial pre-audit to final certificate delivery, with our end-to-end services.

  • Digital Trust Assurance

    Ensure the strictest security with our information security, cybersecurity, privacy protection, artificial intelligence (AI), business continuity, cloud, advisory, training and supply chain services.

  • Medical Devices Regulatory Compliance

    Meet market-specific regulations and standards for quality, safety and performance with our comprehensive support.

  • SGS Assurance Services

    Create confidence in your business practices and operations while managing quality, risks, safety and sustainability.

  • Supply Chain Assurance

    Ensure supply chain integrity with our customized audits, risk mapping, and management services, addressing quality, environmental, social and ethical factors.

  • Sustainability Assurance

    Adopt efficient processes to mitigate risks and impacts, and attain your sustainability goals with our guidance.

  • Consulting Services

    Enhance operations and productivity for financial and strategic gains while minimizing risks and waste with our consulting expertise.

  • Training

    Expand your team's capabilities with our diverse range of professional courses, available virtually and in-person, across a wide range of topics.

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