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SGS Uses Analytical Insight to Ensure Mining Profitability in a Competitive Landscape

SGS has developed several solutions to help mining companies address the challenges of extracting minerals in a world with finite resources.

In a world with finite resources, the extraction of minerals is becoming increasingly complex, even as demand for minerals rises.

The global population is increasing, incomes are rising, and many countries are transitioning to more sustainable technologies. All of this means that the world's appetite for goods and services – and therefore raw mineral inputs – will only increase.

This puts pressure on explorers and producers alike to dig deeper and investigate further so that they can access these minerals. As a result, mining companies need more accurate data, delivered faster, to enable improved decision making.

We have developed several solutions that can help mining companies address these challenges.

Greenfields geochemical exploration techniques

SGS uses several ultra-trace methods for vectoring and other exploration applications. One of our proven techniques involves the use of Mobile Metal Ions (MMI™), an innovative geochemical process used to detect buried mineral deposits in any climate or terrain.

MMI technology allows miners to analyze and understand the composition of the soil at each of their mining sites. This allows them to develop the best extraction methods, making operations more efficient and profitable.

Extensive analytical methods for all environments

To truly unlock greater efficiency and increased profitability, you need globally recognized geochemical data at your fingertips. That means it's critical to have a range of analytical techniques available, so that you can extract fast and accurate insights that support informed management decisions.

At SGS, we use several different technologies to analyze samples.

Our machines are calibrated to precious, base, and critical minerals. The nature of the tests varies depending on the needs of the client and the project, including the mineral or element being analyzed.

Thanks to a national network of onsite and commercial laboratories, we can use a variety of analytical techniques, including both proven traditional methods, such as fire assay, and modern technologies like PhotonAssayTM.

We understand that every client and every project has unique needs. Therefore, our global network of professionals offers a tailored approach, ensuring that each client receives maximum value from our commercial on-site, mobile and in-field solutions. We focus on reducing environmental impact, optimizing flexibility and minimizing the turnaround times of samples. This allows you to concentrate on your core business and use the high-quality insights we provide to guide investment and business decisions.

When it comes to on-site and mobile laboratory support, we hold a dominant position. We provide you with the analysis required to optimize mining operations, meet contractual requirements and ensure environmental compliance. We offer decades of experience along with a strong network of experienced professionals, in addition to partnerships with mining companies that allow us to ensure critical production is always maintained.

Our on-site laboratories cover all commodities, including critical commodities such as lithium, nickel, copper, manganese, tin, iron ore and gold. Thanks to our depth of expertise and experience, these laboratories can provide mine site management along with vital information needed to make informed decisions.

Our commercial laboratories also support mine site operations by providing backup analysis and technical support. All in all, we provide a one-stop shop for analytical services. 

Sustainable operations and innovation

Australia recently joined the Sustainable Critical Minerals Alliance, an initiative designed to drive sustainable and socially responsible mining practices in the critical minerals sector.

By using innovative technology and working with suppliers that have strong sustainability policies, mining operators can:

  • Contribute to economic development
  • Reduce their environmental impact
  • Improve their social responsibility

At SGS, we're investing in low carbon technologies that offer our mining and exploration customers faster, safer and more environmentally friendly analysis.

Using PhotonAssayTM technology to make gold mining safer and more sustainable

Investing in different analytical technologies gives us the flexibility to analyze any sample type regardless of soil composition. Our teams have access to both traditional assay methods, such as fire assay, and modern technology such as PhotonAssayTM.

PhotonAssay is a non-destructive, environmentally friendly replacement for fire assay that delivers faster, safer and accurate analysis. The technology, delivered from our world class commercial laboratory, uses high energy X-rays on samples of up to 500g, enabling rapid and enhanced analysis of gold, silver, copper and other elements.

SGS’s minerals services

As your trusted advisors on the ground, we are perfectly positioned to reduce your supply chain risk, support timely business decisions and create more efficient mine operations. We provide unparalleled analytical support and analyses for a wide range of geological materials containing precious, base, rare earth and battery metals, as well as bulk commodities, like bauxite and iron ore.

Our global network of commercial, on-site, mobile laboratories and in-field services have state-of-the-art instrumentation, such as PhotonAssayTM, with fully automated sample preparation and analysis modules and a large variety of analyses – everything needed to support your geochemical needs. Our teams provide high-quality analytical data to help you make informed decisions and add value to your project. 

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