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Construction Safety (Coordination and Supervision)

Manage risks during construction projects to reduce incident and accident rates, save money and protect personnel with health and safety services from SGS.

The legal framework in health and safety (HS) normally obligates all stakeholders involved in the construction industry, regardless of company size or type of activity. It requires technical document management and specialized organizational support, and must cover promoters, owners, technicians, EPCs, contractors, subcontractors and self-employed workers.

Introducing appropriate HS management systems will:

  • Reduce incident and accident rates
  • Protect assets
  • Save money
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Minimize potential legal consequences

SGS Construction Safety Services

We offer a range of services to support our clients with construction, commissioning, reclamation, modification and maintenance on infrastructure, building and industrial sites. 

Services include:

  • HS coordination in design and execution phases
  • HS supervision: safety managers, safety officers, safety technicians, safety advisors
  • HS audits and inspections
  • HS software to control and manage all HSE matters on site
  • HS studies, and site-specific risk assessments (including interferential risks assessment)
  • Subcontractors HSE compliance management
  • Accidents and incidents investigation and HS performance monitoring
  • Training and induction on site

In addition, we also offer complimenting services, such as:

  • Confined spaces specific technical support
  • Work at heights and scaffolding specific support
  • Permit to work coordination
  • HS campaigns, safety tools and promotion of safe behaviors
  • Industrial hygiene sample collection and laboratory analysis

Why choose SGS?

We operate in all construction sectors, including buildings, railway infrastructure, roads, airports, ports, water, forestry, industrial, telecommunications, oil and gas, retail, renewable energy and power plants, and offer a range of solutions to help ensure project safety. We can manage and supervise all safety matters, promoting continuous improvements in safety culture, better performance, better risk management and compliance with stakeholder requirements.

With EHS experts operating in over 100 territories, we have the capabilities in place to meet your safety goals, wherever your project is in the world.

To learn more about construction safety services, contact your local SGS office.

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