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Clinical Manufacturing

Cost-effective clinical manufacturing support to optimize the development of new drug products.

During clinical manufacturing, a reliable partner is crucial. We offer a comprehensive range of clinical manufacturing services to help ensure your drug product uses the right delivery approach. With MHRA and FDA inspected facilities, we are licensed to manufacture non-sterile Phase 1 to 3 medicines. In addition, we specialise in niche-scale commercial manufacturing that can be challenging to place with other CDMOs.

Why choose clinical manufacturing solutions from SGS?

We enable you to:
  • Gain cost-effective clinical manufacturing solutions
  • Benefit from a global network of clinical manufacturing experts
  • Access the latest technologies and state-of-the-art testing facilities
  • Scale and optimize your product throughout progressive clinical phases towards commercialization

Clinical manufacturing for a wide range of dosage forms

We manufacture the following dosage forms:

  • Simple early phase, API in-capsule and powder for reconstitution dosage forms
  • Immediate and modified release tablet and capsule formulations
  • Other solid oral doses, including granules in-sachet, orally disintegrating tablets, liquid and semi-solid filled capsules, and multiparticulates, such as beads, pellets and mini tablets
  • Oral liquids and suspensions
  • Liquids for nasal delivery
  • Topical products, such as semi-solid products (creams, gels, lotions)
Various Medical Supplies
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A wide range of clinical trial supply services

Our full clinical trial supply services include:

  • Material sourcing and raw material testing
  • Batch manufacturing of non-sterile dosage forms, including placebo to match
  • QC release testing
  • Primary and secondary packaging including product labelling, blinding and randomization
  • ICH stability testing
  • QP release

We manufacture products containing cytotoxic, potent or controlled drugs and we are able to store and distribute products to clinics worldwide.

Why SGS?

We are the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, recognized as the global benchmark for sustainability, quality and integrity. Our 99,600 employees operate a network of 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world.

Wherever you operate in the world, we support you at every step of your product's development - from raw materials to end product - helping you develop the right delivery system for your drug product.

To discuss your clinical manufacturing requirements, contact us today.

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