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Compliance in Automotive Quality, Functional Safety and Information Security Management Systems

Join our webinar to learn about the spectrum of standards for electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.

Electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles require specialized software and advanced technology to function safely and correctly. New technologies and company startups for batteries, fuel cells, software and network capabilities, information security and more are expected to grow as vehicles become more computerized and dependent on computer electronics. It is forecasted that 15% of vehicles sold in 2030 will be autonomous. Automotive suppliers must now consider an entire spectrum of standards to be able to compete for the OEM’s business.

This involves building the quality management system (QMS – IATF 16949, ISO 9001) in order to achieve and maintain:

  • The information security management system (ISMS – ISO 27001, TISAX, ISO/SAE 21434)
  • Functional safety (FS –  ISO 26262, ISO 21448)
  • Environmental management (ISO 14001)
  • Heath and safety (H&S –  ISO 45001)

All of these standards complement each other to create a “global automotive management system”.


The objective of this webinar is to allow decision makers within the automotive supply chain to consider an integrated vs piecemeal development approach to management systems.

Many of the applicable standards have a common framework. Therefore, companies can benefit from an integrated approach by optimizing processes and resources, eliminating redundancies, achieving consistency, reducing bureaucracy, applying for integrated audits, simplifying decision making and more.


  • Future of the automotive industry
  • Mandatory standards for the automotive industry
  • Automotive management system
  • Product and process development methodologies
  • Quality management system and functional safety
  • Functional safety and process (ISO 26262 and A-SPICE)
  • Functional safety: ISO 26262 and safety of the intended
  • Functionality: ISO 21448 (SOTIF)
  • Functional safety (ISO 26262) and cybersecurity (ISO/SAE 21434)
  • Final considerations
  • Q&A

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at quality managers, general managers, engineering managers, quality management system experts and company startup decision makers in the automotive industry.

Language: English
Cost: No Charge

Session Schedule

November 10, 2022 - 9AM EST / 3 PM CET


Dusan Nikolic
P. Eng, Technical Business Development Director – Automotive, SGS

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