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The New ISO/IEC FDIS 27001 Is Out. What Are the Changes and How Can It Help Your Business?

Join our webinar to learn about the changes to ISO/IEC 27001 and how the standard can help your business strengthen its information security.

Information security is a universal concern. ISO/IEC 27001, the leading governance structure for information security, is undergoing a revision which will make it practical for all industries in all sectors. As global thought leaders, SGS brings together experts from across the world to discuss the pending changes and how they can impact your business.

The ISO/IEC Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) was recently released and incorporates a number of changes, including new clauses and subclauses, changes to controls and new controls. Join our webinar to learn about the significance of these changes and how the new standard can help your business strengthen its information security. Those currently certified to ISO/IEC 27001 will gain an understanding of the transition timeframe.


  • Facts about ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002
  • What’s new: management section
  • New clauses and sub-clauses
  • Revised and new text
  • Changes in Annex A controls
  • Revised categories of controls
  • New controls
  • Merged controls
  • Revised controls
  • Link with ISO/IEC 27002:2022
  • Implications for your current ISO/IEC 27001 certificate
  • How to prepare for the transition
  • Q&A

Target Audience

The webinar is intended for organizations in all industries and sectors.


Willy Fabritius
Global Head of Strategy and Business Development
Information Security

Khawaja Faisal Javed
Senior Manager Operations, Certifications and Business Enhancement
SGS Pakistan

Paula Costa
Global Technical Manager – Information Security Assurance

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