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Soil Testing

Optimize crop yields by establishing the health and fertility levels in your fields.

Complete agricultural soil sample testing solutions for nutrients and physical properties.

Sustainability, yield optimization, soil fertility and crop health are dependent on the responsible management of nutrients. Soil testing is the starting point for responsible and sustainable nutrient management. Without a soil test, it is impossible to apply the correct amounts of additional nutrients to optimize your crop yields and balance environmental and social responsibilities.

We offer a range of customizable soil sample testing solutions to assist you in the application and maintenance of essential macro, micro and secondary plant nutrients at the optimal levels for your specific crop. Services include screening of pH levels, organic carbon, physical properties, nematodes, and the pathogens that target susceptible crops and immediately reduce yield in current and future crops.

Our global network of state-of-the-art laboratories provide accredited testing, using the appropriate methods for your geography and soil conditions. Experienced technicians provide reliable and accurate data, within fast turnaround times, allowing you to apply the right corrective actions.

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