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IoT Security Checked

Confirm the security and conformity of your Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with the SGS IoT testing and labeling program.

The SGS Internet of Things (IoT) Security Checked product testing and labeling program enables manufacturers and retailers to build trust into their IoT solutions.

Our testing and labeling program takes a risk-based conformity and security assessment approach, applying assurance levels in line with international regulations and standards, such as the EU Cybersecurity Act (EU CSA). We take into account the risk exposure of the application and how the product will be used.  

The SGS IoT-Security Checked label can be displayed on qualifying products to provide consumers with easy-to-read information, helping them with their buying decisions. The label clearly indicates that the item has been security assessed according to standardized recommendations relevant to its product category

Why choose the IoT Security Checked solutions from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Gain a competitive edge  
  • Market your investments in cybersecurity
  • Earn the right to display the IoT-Security Checked mark  
  • Provide consumers with easy-to-read details of your product’s cybersecurity  

Why SGS?

As leading cybersecurity experts, our state-of-the-art SGS cyberlabs around the world provide you with trusted, impartial testing, verification and certification solutions to help you meet the challenges of cybersecurity.

The SGS IoT-Security Checked program delivers significant added value to manufacturers, retailers and consumers, and is based on broadly accepted cybersecurity standards and regulations relevant for consumer IoT devices such as:

  • ETSI EN 303 645
  • NISTIR 8259A
  • The UK IoT law currently in preparation
  • California State Bill SB-327 (requirements are not explicit in this regulation)

This allows region specific or upcoming standards to be referenced in a flexible manner. At the same time, security related to the device in relation to any mobile app and IoT backend platform located in the cloud is also considered during assessment.

Products that have successfully completed the program earn the right to display the IoT-Security Checked mark. Details of the device tested, the tests applied, their results and validity are accessible via the QR-Code or approval number printed on the product label.

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