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Gas Appliance Testing

Ensure only safe and compliant products reach the market with SGS gas appliance and component testing.

Gas appliances are used both inside and outside of the home. If an appliance or component fails it can result in carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. To avoid this, manufacturers and suppliers must ensure their products are rigorously tested against relevant market safety regulations.

SGS provides a comprehensive range of testing solutions to help manufacturers and suppliers of gas appliances and components ensure their products are safe and comply with legal requirements.

SGS Gas Appliance and Component Testing Services

Delivered through a global network of accredited testing laboratories, our testing services cover:

  • Construction – stability, strength
  • Soundness to check for leaks
  • Heat input (Unit: kW, BTU, MJ/h)
  • Ignition and flame cross-lighting
  • Flame stability (lift and light back)
  • Ability to resist wind and rain
  • Resistance of burner to overheating
  • Combustion (CO/CO2)
  • NOx
  • Atmosphere sensing – oxygen depletion test
  • Temperature rise – including LPG cylinder
  • Efficiency
  • Sooting
  • ErP
  • FFU test
  • Operating of flame supervision device
  • Valve torsion and bending test
  • Valve endurance test
  • Elastomeric material resistance to lubricants and gas
  • Regulator performance

Why choose SGS?

With a global network of experts and laboratories, SGS is the first choice for manufacturers and suppliers of gas appliances and components when testing their products for safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance. Whatever the target market or product, SGS has a testing solution to help.

To learn more about gas appliance testing, contact your local SGS office today.

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