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Gas Analysis in Pharmaceutical Production

Gases play an important part in the production of many pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceuticals, and their use is subject to cGMP and pharmacopeia regulation.

There is an increasing interest in monitoring the use of gases such as compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide – considered as excipients – and SGS gas analysis in pharmaceutical production services aim to make it easier for clients to meet regulations.

SGS is a world leader in tests for pharmaceuticals and works with the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. We have developed an expertise in gas analysis that puts us far ahead of other suppliers. Our gas analysis services include:

  • Air, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen testing
  • Purity testing
  • Particle testing
  • Microbial and dew point testing
  • Tests for oil residues, aerosol oil and remainders of aeration and disinfectants

Tests are conducted on samples selected before use in production, and results are recorded on Certificate of Analysis to demonstrate that regulatory standards have been achieved.

We shape our tests according to your particular needs, contact us today to find out more about how SGS can assist with your pharmaceutical gas analysis.

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