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EHS Auditing

Plan, implement and maintain high quality environment, health and safety (EHS) practices with auditing services from SGS.

Companies have a legal obligation to operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. With globalization extending supply chains to every corner of the world, corporations can find it difficult ensuring their operations meet the expected levels for EHS. Failure in one aspect can lead to regulatory non-compliance and reputational damage – end-consumers are increasingly unwilling to buy from corporations benefiting from substandard business practices.

Additionally, more and more large corporations deploy efforts in standardizing and offering homogeneous approach to EHS matters, independent of local regulations. Those corporate EHS strategy do often go one step beyond local obligations and become mandatory in each geographical location where company operates.

SGS Auditing Services

We offer a range of EHS auditing services to help your business plan, implement and maintain high-quality EHS practices.

Our audits can be tailor-made to reflect the requirements of your business and local regulations, helping you ensure compliance before and during operations. In addition, we can help you model the potential impact of your business operations before they have begun and provide you with remediation plans once they have ceased.

We also have the capability to allow you to outsource your entire EHS management system, giving you peace-of-mind when it comes to EHS compliance.

Why choose SGS?

With a global network of EHS experts and local field teams, backed by an accredited laboratory network, we are the first choice for businesses looking to mitigate themselves against the risk of non-compliance. With expertise covering all aspects of EHS practices, we can help you protect your businesses reputation, providing you with the right information to make business decisions and allowing you to grow in a sustainable manner.

To learn more about EHS auditing services, contact your local SGS office.

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