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Facilities Management and Inspections

Facilities management and inspections from SGS – ensure the availability, safety and reliability of your assets, and the sustainability of your business operations.

Implementing an effective maintenance and inspection system is essential for the safety, reliability and sustainability of your facilities. We offer you a comprehensive range of facilities management and inspection services throughout the life of your building, infrastructure or industrial plant.

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As the trusted world leader in facilities management and inspections, we offer you unrivaled experience, professionals, expertise, equipment and accreditations. We can help you to establish an appropriate maintenance programme and provide expert advice to help you optimize your processes. Plus, we can help you manage regular inspections and identify concealed damage in any installed equipment or system, enhancing continuity and reliability.

With our world leading reputation and global network of worldwide specialized laboratories, we are the first choice for clients that need trusted facilities management and inspections the world over.

To discuss how our facilities management and inspection services can help you ensure the availability, safety and reliability of the your assets, contact us today.

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