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Clinical Pharmacology

Comprehensive design and execution solutions for early phase clinical pharmacology trials.

The move to early phase clinical trial is a strategic milestone in a drug’s development. By defining a compound’s ability to make it onto the market at this early stage, developers can reduce risk while expediting development times. Early stage clinical trials give an opportunity to characterize safety and the pharmacokinetic profile of the drug while providing rapid proof of pharmacodynamic activity and efficacy (proof-of-concept (POC)).

We provide a comprehensive range of solutions to help drug developers optimize outcomes during clinical pharmacological trials. As a first-class phase I-II contract research organization (CRO), our experts optimize the design and implementation of all clinical trials. We support advanced pharmacodynamics modeling, biomarking and data management techniques, creating a cohesive program that delivers pivotal data in a constrained timeframe.

All trials are conducted in Europe using healthy volunteers, special populations and/or well-defined patients. With over 40 years of experience operating in this highly regulated landscape, our experts ensure clinical trials deliver the right data while remaining in full compliance with national and international standards and guidelines.

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SGS is recognized as benchmark for quality and integrity in clinical research. Drawn from multi-disciplinary backgrounds (medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical), our specialist teams enable drug developers to speed up the ‘ go decision’ process in early phase clinical trials.

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