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SGS Launches New Global Bunker Fuel Testing Program: BunkerPro

April 05, 2022

We have launched a new program, BunkerPro – global bunker fuel testing, to monitor the quality, inclusive of the capability and sustainability, of delivered fuels during and after bunkering.

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A Rapid and Reliable Fuel Testing Service

SGS is excited to announce the launch of BunkerPro, our global bunker fuel testing program that provides expedited fuel testing solutions to the marine sector. Accessible worldwide, BunkerPro utilizes our unique laboratory footprint, industry knowledge, and digital technology to provide a personalized quality control program designed for your bunker needs.

SGS as a leader in the bunker fuel industry, providing bunker related inspection and testing services in over 100 countries globally, now introduces BunkerPro, which provides a one-stop quantity and quality solution for your bunker fuel deliveries, storage and consumption.

Our extensive global laboratory network means that we can provide direct port-to-lab testing services, which will help ship owners to mitigate risk of purchase and use of out of specification bunker fuels within their vessels.

BunkerPro provides bunker fuel and distillate testing to ISO 8217 International Standard versions 2010/2012/2017, offering our customers timely and reliable information on their fuel quality. Using this service and subsequent data in parallel to the fleet's preventative maintenance program, BunkerPro users can mitigate potential consumption, maintenance and operational challengers that arise from the use of unsuitable fuels. Problematic and off-spec fuel can cause a variety of potential challengers, inclusive of sludging, filter plugging, combustion and other performance related issues, so it's crucial to operate a systemic preventative maintenance bunker fuel solution.

Adam Goble, Global Business Development Manager for SGS, says: "We are delighted to launch this global product for the testing of marine fuels. It's going to offer our customers an opportunity to use a seamless solution for their bunker fuel testing. We're excited to see this service launched to our clients around the globe."

A Global Reach

BunkerPro is supported by a number of our strategically placed laboratories including Singapore, Turkey, the UAE, Panama, the USA, Netherlands and China that are designed to deliver the fast-paced testing required in the shipping industry. BunkerPro highlights fuel anomalies both quickly and accurately, with the centralized digital platform that provides clients with a direct access to their quality data in user friendly format. In the event of anomalies, our experts can offer diagnostic suggestions for corrective action and recommendations regarding the use of fuels.

Quality and Safety Assured

BunkerPro supplies its users a pre-packaged kit with sufficient materials to cover multiple bunkering operations. Samples taken during or after the bunkering operation are expedited to an SGS BunkerPro laboratory, along with supporting information that is then uploaded to the digital BunkerPro platform and incorporated into reports that are auto-generated once completed, offering continuity to clients.

Fuel testing is essential for owners and charterers alike, following the introduction of low sulfur fuels, biofuels and other renewable fuel sources as well as supporting global Environmental, Social, Governance Risk Management and Compliance (ESGRC) solutions.

To learn more about SGS BunkerPro, please download flyer or visit website.

For further information, please contact:

Adam Goble
Global Downstream Business Development at SGS
t: +44 797 187 9854 

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