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SGE 21 and ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Management Training

Today, stakeholders and clients expect your organization to actively show a commitment to its social responsibility obligations. This course provides you with essential training on effective social responsinility management to SGE 21 and ISO 26000 guidelines implementation.

Why choose SGE 21 and ISO 26000 social responsibility management training from SGS?

This course will help you to:

  • Understand corporate social responsibility
  • Recognize the main principles of ISO 26000
  • Identify the requirements for implementing an ethically and socially responsible management system based on SGE 21
  • Understand what is required for a corporate social responsibility audit
  • Learn about the interrelationship between SGE 21, ISO 26000 and GRI guidelines

SGE 21 - ISO 26000 social responsibility management training from Colombia’s leading course provider

As the leading provider of courses in Colombia, and the world’s foremost certification, verification, inspection and testing organization, we offer in-depth knowledge in all aspects of corporate responsibility – from auditing and certification, right through to providing CSR and business ethics training programs. 

This course offers a theoretical and practical focus, providing clear overviews of all topics as well as practical workshops to give you the tools you need to understand SGE 21 and ISO 26000.

To discuss how our SGE 21 and ISO 26000 social responsibility management training can help you, contact us today.

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