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ISO/IEC 27001 Certification – Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection

Demonstrate your commitment to information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection with an audit against the ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection – Information Security Management Systems – Requirements.

Businesses need to remain interconnected while ensuring that information is timely and accurate, communications are clear, and confidentiality is maintained. A robust information security management system (ISMS) enables you to exploit interconnectivity while managing information security, cybersecurity and privacy risks.

ISO/IEC 27001 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an ISMS. It also sets out the requirements for assessing and treating cyber risks, based on your specific needs.

Achieving ISO/IEC 27001 certification demonstrates your commitment to information security and provides assurance to clients and other partners that you are serious about protecting information under your control.

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Long-term benefits of ISO/IEC 27001 certification include:

  • Enhanced credibility
  • Reduced risk of fraud, information loss and disclosure
  • Demonstration of integrity to your system
  • Business culture transformation and greater awareness of the importance of keeping information secure
  • New business opportunities with security-conscious customers
  • A stronger notion of confidentiality throughout the workplace
  • Better preparedness for the unavoidable – the next security event or incident

What is the ISO/IEC 27001 certification process?

There are seven steps to the process:

  1. Application and quote
  2. Competence analysis – identify gaps in skills and competence at the outset
  3. Gap assessment – identify any weaknesses before the formal audit
  4. Stage 1 audit – confirmation that implementation is on track
  5. Stage 2 audit – confirmation that implementation is complete
  6. Certification – share your success
  7. Ongoing improvement – regular surveillance visits
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Aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

ISO/IEC 27001 contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goal nine.

How can SGS help?

With years of worldwide experience in information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection, we can help you along the path to certification with an ISO/IEC 27001 certification audit. Your audit can include a gap assessment and benchmarking. We will determine your level of information security competence and provide advice on how to achieve ongoing improvement.

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Transition from ISO/IEC 27001:2013 to ISO/IEC 27001:2022

Renamed the Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection - ISMS - Requirements, the 2022 edition reflects that the threats, their severity and frequency faced by organizations have changed since the 2013 edition. It also allows for realignment with the recently updated ISO/IEC 27002.

We can support you through your transition. Speak with us or visit our ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Transition Support page to find out more.

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Training Courses

Whether you are an auditor, professional or starter in information security management system (ISMS), SGS Academy's training courses help equip you with the knowledge and skills to perform audits and implement the management system. Speak with us or visit our ISO/ IEC 27001:2022 Training Courses page to find out more.

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