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IADC Rig Pass

To confirm that your personnel and oil drilling contractors meet the basic safety and training requirements for the oil drilling industry, acquiring IADC Rig Pass accreditation is essential. With this course, your personnel will be able to confirm compliance and understand the basic concepts of security, health and environmental safety for oil drilling operations.

Why choose IADC Rig Pass training from SGS?

This course can help your personnel to:

  • Acquire IADC Rig Pass accreditation
  • Understand the basic principles of health, safety and security for oil drilling projects
  • Recognize the procedures, fluids and equipment used in operations
  • Minimize the risk of incidents, equipment damage and environmental catastrophe

Trusted IADC Rig Pass training from Colombia’s leading training course provider

As the leading provider of courses in Colombia, and the world’s foremost certification, verification, inspection and testing organization, we offer in-depth knowledge in all aspects of security, health and environmental safety for the oil industry. This includes certifying and auditing processes in practice, as well as providing oil rig training programs and IADC HSE Rig Pass programs.

This course offers a theoretical and practical focus, involving clear overviews of all topics, as well as practical workshops to give your personel the tools they need to increase their knowledge of the requirements and acquire the IADC HSE Rig Pass.

To find out more about our IADC Rig Pass training, contact us today.

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