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Stock Management

Minimize risks while quantifying and assessing the condition of goods in storage.

A comprehensive range of customizable stock management services that allow you to monitor and preserve the quality and integrity of your commodities during shipment and storage.

Global supply chains provide ample opportunity for traded goods to diminished in quality and quantity. Reliable stock management solutions ensure accurate quantification and precise evaluation of a commodity’s condition during storage. Traders need to work with an experienced service provider that can inspect, sample and test goods as they move along the supply chain to ensure preservation.

Utilizing a global network of inspectors and state-of-the-art testing facilities, our customizable solutions let you monitor the quality and quantity of your product at all stages of the supply chain. Whether you require periodic spot inspections or continuous monitoring solutions, our experienced stock inspectors are in place at all export, import and storage points to assess and/or certify the quality and/or quantity of your commodity. This ensures that damage, loss or other issues are quickly identified, allowing appropriate remedial measures, for example insurance claims, to be actioned with immediate effect.

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity. Our one-stop solution for stock management services provide peace of mind, reducing risk in the supply chain and delivering positive outcomes.

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