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Physical & Spectroscopic Characterization

Ensure safety, efficacy and stability by characterizing the physical and pharmacological behavior of your pharmaceutical products.

Trusted analytical solutions that unlock product knowledge and enable you to make science-led decisions throughout the product lifecycle.

Understanding of the physicochemical properties of your key starting materials, excipients and finished products it vital when making decisions regarding processing equipment, packaging materials and environmental conditions. Without this deep knowledge there can be a significant impact on efficacious dosage form and/or long-term drug performance.

We offer a comprehensive range of expert solutions to enhance your understanding of the physical and pharmacological behaviors of your key starting materials, excipients and finished products. This facilitates better sourcing decisions, ongoing process optimization and allows robust risk-based investigations across the product lifecycle.

Our innovative material science services include analysis and characterization of physical attributes, particle size, impact of thermal reaction or container closures using state-of-the-art spectroscopic testing.

Wherever you operate in the world, our experts are on-hand to support you in the development and lifecycle management of well-characterized, stable products.

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