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Anticipate and control risk in your supply chain with guarantee services from SGS.
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A variety of factors encountered during transportation can negatively impact quality and quantity. The resulting losses can threaten reputations, jeopardize earning capacity and be detrimental to your business assets.

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Safely transport commodities

Our comprehensive guarantee solutions enable you to transport products and commodities to markets around the world safely and with peace of mind.

Our services include:

  • Full outturn guarantee (FOG)
  • Comprehensive cover (marine insurance and FOG)
  • Full outturn quality (FOQ)
  • Non-Rejection Guarantee
  • Fumigation guarantee
  • Seller’s interest/contingency insurance

Why choose SGS?

We offer unrivaled experience and expertise, the latest technologies, and the benefits of a unique global network of specialists and state-of the-art facilities. Wherever you operate in the world, our innovative and customizable solutions will help you to eliminate risks from your supply chain.

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