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Supply Chain Assurance

Secure the quality, sustainability and integrity of your supply chain
Cargo Containers for Overseas Shipping in Shipyard

Complex, globalized supply chains face challenges like disruption, visibility issues and vulnerabilities. Weaknesses in the supply chain can lead to cost overruns, delays, reputational harm and loss of trust. Our Supply Chain Assurance services enable you to address these critical issues through meticulous assessment and verification.

Comprehensive assurance services

We enable you to:
  • Gain comprehensive audits

    customized to your organizational needs

  • Verify your suppliers

    with assessments against diverse risk-based content

  • Get full visibility

    of both domestic and global suppliers

  • Assess risks

    and collaborate with suppliers for improvement plans

  • Ensure diverse risk management

    for quality, health and safety, sustainability, and more

  • Streamline compliance

    with efficient auditing for brand, supplier and product integrity

  • Source mindfully

    considering region, product types, spending, safety, reputation and ethics

World-leading Supply Chain Assurance

As the global leader in assessment, auditing and certification, we conduct thousands of tailored audits annually for all business scales. Our global expertise and network ensure comprehensive supply chain assessments, particularly focusing on sensitive operations. Our robust risk management data and analysis, combined with extensive experience, guide your compliance journey, reducing errors and upholding high standards across local, national and international regulations.

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