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What is Our New Infosec Essentials Assessment?

Quality InsightsQuality Insights Volume 18April 18, 2024

Infosec Essentials is for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) wanting to start or enhance information security but are not quite ready for a full certification audit.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, safeguarding information security is crucial for SMEs.

Infosec Essentials offers a comprehensive, one-day assessment to gauge your organization’s information security maturity, pinpointing strengths and improvement areas. Tailored for SMEs, it is an efficient, cost-effective solution to prepare for international standard certifications, like ISO/IEC 27001, without the complexity of a full certification audit.

The assessment

We evaluate information security maturity, from ad hoc processes to a mature information security program. The maturity status is represented by three levels – Startup, Emerging and Mature.

Following the assessment, you receive a report outlining your organization’s information security level, including strengths and improvement areas.

If Emerging or Mature is achieved, you receive a performance statement and Mark so you can demonstrate your information security credentials to customers and other stakeholders.

Why choose Infosec Essentials?

We enable you to:

  • Obtain a clear, objective snapshot of your current information security maturity
  • Identify key strengths and areas needing improvement in your security posture
  • Benefit from a streamlined, one-day assessment process
  • Prepare effectively for ISO/IEC 27001 and other international certifications
  • Receive a detailed report outlining your information security maturity level
  • Gain recognition with a performance statement and Mark for achieving Emerging or Mature levels
  • Set a solid foundation for continuous improvement

Why SGS?

As a global leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification, we provide unparalleled expertise in information security.

Our tailored approach for SMEs ensures a comprehensive yet straightforward assessment, covering organizational, people, physical and technological aspects. With our global network of auditors and a commitment to excellence, we provide actionable insights and a clear path to elevate your information security to the highest standards.

To find out more about Infosec Essentials, contact us today.

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