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ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Commitment

In today’s business landscape, prioritizing occupational health, safety, and personal wellness is not just beneficial—it's expected. Achieving a safer, more productive workplace is essential, and adopting Management Systems like ISO 45001 and ISO 45003 plays a pivotal role in realizing these goals.


Join us for a detailed session providing insights into ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 45003:2021 Management Systems. This webinar will delve into the critical components necessary for bolstering your organization's health and safety program, from planning and structuring to implementation assessment.

Discussion Topics:

  • The significance of Occupational Health, Safety, and Personal Wellness.
  • Strategies for promoting, implementing, and managing these programs.
  • Structuring a management system to support your organization’s needs.
  • Navigating Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs) and their findings.
  • The advantages of established management systems and protocols.
  • Deep dive into ISO 45001:2018 & ISO 45003:2021 – structure, content, and certification process.

Target Audience:

Tailored for Quality Assurance and Regulatory & Compliance Teams seeking to either initiate, enhance, or evaluate their occupational health and safety programs.

Language: English

Cost: Free of Charge


Glenn Telschow

Trainer / Instructor, SGS North America

Glenn leverages his extensive background in business operations and education in Physics and Geosciences to assist organizations in establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving their management systems. With expertise spanning over 40 years across various sectors, including Global Distribution, Aerospace, and Certification Services, Glenn is an acclaimed instructor and auditor of ISO Management Systems, focusing on Occupational Health, Safety, and Wellness, among others.

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Marketing Assistant
t: +1-862-339-6737

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