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The Impact of Cosmetics Products on Reef & Ocean Ecosystems: Navigating ‘Coral Reef Friendly’ Claims & Efficacy Testing

Join our live webinar to gain insight into the importance of "coral reef friendly" and efficacy claims on cosmetics products.


Coral represents just 1% of the world’s ocean life, but coral reefs support 25% of marine species. Therefore it is not surprising that governments and consumers are increasingly concerned about how the products they create, apply and use impact the ocean and coral reefs.

Indeed, parts of the US and Europe are already planning to ban UV filters that are toxic to coral. A misuse of these filters and other ingredients could have a strong negative impact on cosmetics brands. As a result, it is more important than ever for brands to prove that their products are both effective and “coral reef friendly.”


In our discussion, Daniel Tatarsky, will host a conversation on the impact and importance of “coral reef friendly” and efficacy claims on cosmetics products, as well as the test protocols required to make these claims.

In addition, Julien will talk about ecotoxicology and environmental risk assessment. Guillaume will explain the new ReefTox ecotoxicological test and give the key learnings this test provides for formulators and ingredients. Saeid will deep-dive into clinical efficacy testing for sunscreen products.


  • Introduction
  • Understanding ecotoxicology and biodegradability testing
  • The ReefTox methodology for assessing coral ecotoxicity
  • Efficacy testing
  • Q&A

Target Audience: The webinar is aimed at all those in the cosmetics industry, with topics specifically interesting for R&D, manufacturing, sustainability and marketing teams involved in sunscreen.

Language: English

Cost: No charge

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