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Zero Discharge Training and Knowledge Management

Strengthen your understanding of zero discharge and improve chemical management along the textile and footwear supply chain with SGS training workshops.

The key to successful chemical management is knowledge, traceability and effective implementation of chemical management plans and risk assessments. Without a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the chemicals used in your supply chain (their storage, consumption and disposal) meeting industry expectations and brand requirements maybe challenging.

Our training courses, led by SGS experts with industry experience, are one of the components of our unique Trio Approach to the zero discharge goal. Upskilling your workforce and implementing effective upstream chemical management across your organization are key to your success.

We have firsthand experience of the issues your organization faces and developed training that addresses the relevant issues and helps to fill knowledge gaps in your supply chain.

How Can ZDHC Training and Knowledge Management from SGS Help?

Employees attending our training courses participate in a program of self-assessment, classroom learning, practical sessions, including the use of risk assessment toolkits, to learn how to implement chemical management and reduce the environmental impact of the textile and footwear industries. On completion of this training every participant returns to work with the skills and tools to instigate changes.

Building on our extensive industry experience our ZDHC courses include: 

  • Hazardous Substance Control (HSC) Workshop
    Modular and process specific, this workshop has been designed with Chemical Flow Management (CFM) methodology in mind. Participants will learn how to implement a sound chemical management system in the workplace and to enhance the traceability and transparency of chemical use.

    Practical and highly interactive, the workshop is customized to each stage of the production process (dyeing, printing, washing, and finishing) making it highly relevant to participants. Also, practical toolkits, allow participants to immediately implement their newly acquired knowledge in risk assessment when they return to the workplace.
  • Higg Index Self-Assessment Training
    This training course introduces manufacturers to the Higg Index and the interface of the online self assessment platform, it enables participants to:
    • Better understand market trends
    • Understand the detailed scope of the Higg Index
    • Be able to self-assess their conformity with the Higg Index criteria
    • Understand the opportunities associated with the implementation of a program of continuous improvement

Through our training, understanding, knowledge and skills related to chemicals, inventory management and traceability will support the textile industry’s progress towards achieving the Zero Discharge goal.

Why Choose Training From SGS?

Our courses are delivered by tutors who are experts in their field, as well as being experienced trainers. Participants’ knowledge and skills will be developed through an interactive and practical approach to learning.

Contact us today to find out more about our training courses.

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