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Speed your device’s progress to market with testing and certification from SGS, and enjoy the benefits of working with a GCF approved laboratory that can support your first step into Vodafone Carrier acceptance.

In a diverse marketplace each network operator’s requirements are unique. To operate on the Vodafone network your device will need to meet their requirements and standards. Testing is designed to verify your device’s conformance and interoperability, demonstrating that your device provides the promised services to the user and in accordance with the company’s criteria.

Our global network of wireless telecommunications laboratories has the experience and expertise to support the required GCF testing to suit the needs of your specific device. We are the only independent wireless testing laboratory that has full testing capabilities for LTE, CDMA and GSM in multiple locations worldwide.

Save time, money and reduce redundancy in testing. At SGS we can conduct all the necessary tests within one global network, with a single point of contact who has the depth of knowledge and testing experience to support your application for certification. 

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