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Thin Film Analysis

SGS’s material surface and thin film analysis offers customized and extensive analysis to enable you to determine the quality, functionality and aesthetic of your thin film structure.

Material surfaces and their coatings play an increasingly important role in today’s innovative products. The structure and chemical composition of the first nanometer of a product can influence and determine its function or aesthetic, so you need to be sure of the precise structure of your thin film surface to ensure it functions as you want it to.

We offer extensive analytical and imaging techniques to help you develop your product and for your quality assurance purposes.

Our Range of Services

Our extensive material surface and thin film analysis includes:

  • Inspection, surface topography, lateral structures, vertical structure of layer systems, material flaws and grain structure
  • Measurement, roughness, layer thickness, hardness, adhesive strength, particle size and texture
  • Oxide analysis, adsorbates and residual layers on surfaces, chemical composition of layers and layer systems (e.g. stoichiometry), chemical bonds on the surface and in the layer volumes, residual layers and contaminants on interfaces, layer defects, element depth profiles and element maps, determination of substances
  • Technology-relevant evaluation, evaluation of corrosion protection systems, characterization and evaluation of surface treatment and cleaning processes

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