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SVHC Full Screening

Substances of very high concern (SVHC) full screening from SGS – laboratory testing to identify and quantify SVHCs to help companies meet their REACH obligations.

Communication on REACH substances of very high concern (SVHC) is mandatory for any electrical and electronic (E&E) article marketed within the EU, if the value exceeds 0.1% weight/weight. As a minimum, the name of the SVHC has to be passed on. If requested by a consumer you must supply them with the SVHC safe use information within 45 days. In addition, if the total quantity of SVHC in articles is greater than 1 tonne per year, importers must also notify the European Chemical Agency.

Our SVHC full screening program tackles these challenges and minimizes the risk of non-compliance for SVHCs in E&E articles.

How does the program help?

SVHCs may be introduced to consumer products either intentionally or inadvertently through the supply chain and manufacturing process. Laboratory testing provides information on SVHC substance identification and concentration to help companies meet their REACH SVHC obligations.

We provide SVHC testing according to your needs, checking substances that are:

  • On the candidate list 
  • On the authorization list (REACH Annex XIV)
  • On the registry of intentions 

Our SVHC services

Not all SVHCs are found in every E&E product, however, we can help you to narrow down the testing requirements with our SVHC High Risk Screening program. We combine data from literature with our own testing expertise to identify all SVHCs that might be present in a specific product. It provides a cost effective, intelligent and reasoned evaluation strategy enabling clients to safeguard their E&E consumer products.

In addition, differing from existing testing approaches our SVHC Evaluation Analysis program is a product material specific statistical evaluation, coupled with confirmatory testing. This analysis service is based on our SVHC test data, as well as information supplied by your supply chain.

Why choose SGS?

Independent and innovative, our E&E experts use state-of-the-art facilities and technology to deliver tailor made added value services that help improve your business.

To find out more about SVHC high risk screening services, contact your local SGS office.

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