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Specialty Electronics Recycling

Recycling specialty electronics products including solar panels, cell phones, computers and other electronic devices can be very profitable.

Buyers, sellers and processors of such devices need the support of process design and trade experts to maximize profits and comply with health, safety and environmental regulations. SGS provides a wide range of analytical, process design, trade and inspection services for the specialty products recycling industry.

Process Design

SGS is the market leader in providing reliable, bankable processing technologies including flowsheets and process design.  Our processing team focuses on those unit operations that are most important in cost-effective specialty electronics handling:

  • Crushing, grinding and shredding technologies
  • Particle size analysis
  • Automatically separating materials of higher value from those of lower value in an environmentally and socially responsible manner

Trade and Commercial Support

SGS has a global network of technical experts working in state-of-the-art laboratories to provide you with accurate analyses and representative samples of the principle components, traces and impurities in your resource at your load or discharge site. We also provide on-site trade and commercial support services including third party verification, inspection of containerized loads and settlement, party and umpire analysis.

Recycled specialty electronics may contain PCBs or radioactive sources. SGS has years of experience dealing with these kinds of products. We have the protocols and practices in place, and staff who are comfortable and experienced dealing with these materials.  Our technical professionals understand how these materials must be treated in regards to health and safety, in an environmentally responsible manner, and according to the applicable regulations and legislations.

Partner with SGS and your specialty electronics recycling operation will see maximum recovery of high value materials in compliance with health, safety and environmental best practices.

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